My best friend. Complete Drama queen. God love her.

Now that statement is actually pretty dam profound. All the women I know love drama, heck I used to indulge in it all the time!!

It makes the relationships exciting, it gives me something to do, puts the spice into life(obviously I needed to get out more)

Well that was about 2 years ago when I discovered that having a dramatic romantic life, was really not all it set out to be.

At the end of the day it left me feeling cold, empty, unfulfilled along with a track record of broken relationships to prove it.

You know the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again … expecting a different result?

Yeh I didn’t want to go down that path and somewhere, somehow I got my hands on this book ““. To be honest it was one of the first e-book I ever purchased and ever read online EVER!

Huge right?

Why Be So Dramatic?
So how in the world do we create drama? Let me list the reasons here.

*Having the conversation – You know where you ask the guy, “where is this going” or “you better marry me, or we should break up”.

*Freaking out when a guy doesn’t call you after a date and wondering “Should I call him first?”, thinking lets get it over and done with!

*Controlling your boyfriend to get him to be or behave like someone which isn’t true to him

*Anal-yzing about whether he likes me, wants me, what he really means.

*Wanting things to move faster or slower than the current pace.

*Having endless conversations with your girlfriends about what is wrong with your date, boyfriend …

*Trying and failing miserably to make an emotionally unavailable man committed to you.

*Sleeping with men too early in hopes that it will get them into a long term relationship

*Overall just manipulating men

*Staying in a emotionally, physically or spiritually abusive relationship

Any of you girls relating to this? Any of you guys dated a girl like this?

How To Be Less Dramatic
If there was one thing I could say, it would be that men all appreciate a woman is who not “High Maintenance” in this area.

Just like women don’t like needy men. Men Especially don’t like needy women!!

So if there was one piece of relationship advice I learnt from this book it was that I have to calm the heck down! I was one of those girls that was never happy with the situation in front of me. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good enough, could be improved on or had to be changed.

Can you imagine how hard it would have been for guys to date me?! Seriously.

Paige Parker doesn’t just talk a whole bunch of dating tips and rules. She gives you standards to live by. Ways of respecting and building your self-esteem.

So reading this book and applying her philosophies, really allowed me to learn to date in a healthy, safe and non-dramatic way.

I got all my excitement from engaging with my life more. Doing things I love, spending time with people I cared about and pursuing my passions(dating just happens to be one of them).

I also started to choose men which had personalities were interesting enough to keeping me engaged so I didn’t feel the need to create uncertainty and drama.

And as you know the rest is history and now the tables have turned and I get pages of emails from readers and phone calls from my girlfriends asking me for some perspective.

Who would ever think?

Applying this into my life and being able to help all of those around me has been on of the greatest gifts this book has given me =)

Potential Drawbacks
So that was all the fun and dandy stuff about that. I’m actually doing my best to think about some drawbacks of the books or any comments I have about it.

I guess the one thing I would have to mention is like all books and all new learning material is that there is no point in just reading the book and saying ” whoa that was good” and then doing what you have always done.

For you to get the results … To get the guy, to improve your current relationship you are going to have to take some action of your own.

You know, get a little out of that comfort zone. Because if you have always done, what you have always done, then you will always get, what you have always gotten.

Something to think about.

You can all find out more about the dating without drama E-book

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