Its one of those things that can lead to infatuation, delusion, intense pain and self sacrifice.

Yet, its “the thing” that pretty much every person who is truthful to themselves wants to experience.

We spend most of our lives trying to find it in the form of other people or person, only to end up disappointed that no-one can really quite make the cut.

Eventually you learn that real love is found within yourself and then intently shared with someone else who you choose to be close to your heart.

So as soppy as that sounds … I believe it to be true. 100%

Behind all the sarcasm … There is a thick layer of soppiness.

Here is the thing though.

What many people don’t realize is that different people can experience love in different ways.

N that you could have been with somebody in the past .. who you thought didn’t love you … But really just didn’t communicate their love to you .. in a way in which you felt it.

People can also react and interact with your personality and who you are in different ways too.

I know that a lot of this dating advice … some which you may find on my blog and also in many of the other blogs or dating columns out there … focus on changing yourself.

They are all about … Improve your confidence …. They give you some quick band aid tips … slap you on the butt and tell you to get out there …. and kick ass with your new found … “better personality.”

I fell for it for a while. Heck I even wrote about it. But then it made me think.

What if there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, who you are, how you act … ra ra ra

And the only real problem was that you were not with someone compatible? What if you were with a person who REALLY did bring out the worst in you …. and you could be with someone who does bring out the best in you?


Well it is ME blogging here … So I can see how this could probably arise.

So what I’m attempting to say … is that sometimes we think we should change for that person we are with … because doing it their way … is the better way.

Then we get out of that relationship for whatever reason … and then after some time … have a freaking epiphany, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with you were and how you were acting at all.

When really it was just that person, their character … that was the real problem.

And therefore the only real solution is finding the person that doesn’t mind that your a terrible singer in the shower because they admire your free spirit … that doesn’t care that you messy because they know your time is spent pursuing your dreams, connecting with people …..

The real solution is finding someone who finds your faults amusing, cute even … rather than annoying, frustrating and irritating.

Simple right?

Hot Alpha Female

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