Women and men, both behave badly when it comes to relationships.

No-one is worse than the other, we are equally as bad as eachother.

But from what I can tell men are blaming women and men are blaming women.

Instead of uncovering the truth we run around eachother, creating scenarios, situations, reasons as to why it is not our fault.

The blame game is so on. And the competition is fierce.

So while I don’t really want to go in and fuel this debate, I want to clarify some of the excuses men and women say to themselves that prevents them for taking responsibilities for their own dating lives.

I don’t think that there is anyone to blame. But I do think that we have a responsibility to ourselves to discover and live the real truth.

But then again. If you want we can have a debate about who behaves worse than the other. You know, just for the fun of it.

So now I’m putting forth my case!

Here goes …

She’s Guilty!!

Pursuing a Girl
If she likes me, why doesn’t she just tell me in plain English. The whole dating game is a bunch of bull! *hits something*

Why does she have to play so hard to get? Why doesn’t she just get over herself and make it easier for me?

What do you want from me dammit!

You like me, I like you .. and what is the problem exactly?

Your such a sweet girl, why do you act like such a brat sometimes for NO apparent reason?

Dating a Girl
I don’t understand why she gets pissed off when I just want to spend some time with my mates. What is their really to get jealous of?

I like time to myself. I love her, but I don’t need to be and think about her 25 hours out of the day.

Yes I love you. Do you need to be reassured 50 000 times a day?

Doesn’t she understand that I would still like her to make an effort to look good now and then, even though we have been dating/married for a while?

After we make love. I need food, beer and rest. Why in the world do would you think that I have the energy to talk?

Look she is a friend, that is a girl. She is like one of my mates. You’re my girlfriend. Meaning I have feelings for you, that I don’t have for her. What is the problem exactly?

Why do you have to keep bringing that(old issue) up. I thought that we already sorted that out?

No my old shorts are just fine! I don’t need new clothing, a new haircut or new bed sheets. I was doing just fine for _____ (insert age) without you. I can take care of myself.

Understanding a Girl
If she wants something she should JUST say it! Why don’t women speak English, they expect us to read their minds.

What in the world are you upset about now?

Why are all these small insignificant things, like if I put the toilet seat down or remembered some distant cousins birthday so DAM important to her? I just don’t get it.

How in the world can I make her happy? I can’t seem to win.

Women speak too much. What is the point of talking, if they don’t want a solution to their problem. Its all just a waster of time.

What possible reason would you have not to trust me?

If you would just tell me what makes you happy, that would make my life so much easier.

There is always something that I did wrong or missed. Can’t she at least make the effort to pretend that everything is ok?

Why is she do dam emotional. Its like PMS all month around, get me a beer and give me a break.

Dammit I give up .. Gimme another girl that isn’t broken, doesn’t have baggage and isn’t so dam emotional.

(haha, goodluck)

He’s Guilty!!

Attracting a Guy
Why doesn’t he just make the first move? What in the world is he waiting for?

I was just being friendly. Flirting is totally different. Can’t he tell the difference?

Man I was giving him all the signs! This guy is an idiot … But a hot idiot … Dammit!!

Why does he need my approval? Grow some balls man and stand up for yourself or something.

Please say something interesting … I can’t hold this fake smile for much longer.

If he likes me, he better bloody show it already.

He just doesn’t get it.

Man I get it he likes me. How do I tell him I’m not interested without hurting him? Maybe I’ll just ignore him from now on.

Friends? He just wants to be friends? Dammit did he not read the signals?

Dating a Guy
I don’t get it, one minute he is so into me, wants to spend all this time with me and the next, poof he has disappeared, acts cold and distant and then tells me that nothing is wrong.

He forgot my birthday or to get me a Christmas present. That bastard doesn’t even care about me.

He tells me he loves me … but I know that he doesn’t mean it.

If I can just change a few things about him, he would be the perfect guy.

Why doesn’t he want to spend time with me. We haven’t seen eachother in ages.

Why doesn’t he appreciate all the little things that I do for him, I cook, clean and even pressed his shirts? I didn’t even get a thank you.

He doesn’t even try and contribute to making this relationship work.

Why doesn’t he realize is all that I want, is for him to understand and fight for me.

Your with me. Do you have to ogle at that girl like that. Your such a jerk.

We are dating. You don’t freaking own me dammit!

Can you just TRY to be romantic. Just once?

Understanding a Guy
He doesn’t ever want to talk about important things. He doesn’t want to talk like ever.

Why does he always have to be the one that ends the conversation? Why can’t I do it first?

Why doesn’t he call more often.

Why does he not want to talk? Every time is a great time for talking.

He talks but he doesn’t really listen to me, he doesn’t really understand me.

Why does it take him so dam long, to realize that I’m pissed at him.

Why does he have to be such a slob at times? Why does he have to drink from the carton like that. Can’t he see the mess that he is living in?

Why does he have to act like a jackass half the time?

Yeh yeh yeh, we know your tough we love it. But you don’t have to prove yourself to me every time. Ok?

You just don’t get it. You don’t love me. You not living up to the expectations I had of you in my head.

I’ll find someone who will.

Ok ok, maybe I added a little more to the “He’s guilty” list. But come’on I’m a chick, so of course its going to be biased.

And you wonder why there are books, blogs, forums, courses and personal coaches dedicated to helping you understand the opposite sex!

These are some human follies between the opposite sex, which will perhaps never be solved.

But I guess this article was written, so that you NOW have an awareness of what they are really thinking and now you have the ability to chose how you wish to respond.

Remember everything is your responsibility but nothing is your fault.

But like I said before, for the fun of it .. Who do you think behaves more badily? <—- bad grammar I know.

Feel free to share, I’m listening!

Hot Alpha Female

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