I have to admit this was a distinction that a respected member on the forum RSDNation “Rockavon” made on one of his posts.

I love rsdnation. Its a great high traffic forum filled with aspiring “Pick Up Artists” as well as high quality instructors which facilitates some great quality content, and pretty much everything you would want to know or would need to know about how to get better with women.

So I know we have many debates about the Bad Boy vs Nice Guy. Well I’m here to talk about a paradigm shift and to say that maybe its neither that is getting the girls.

So if its not the bad boys. And its not the nice guys. Who is really winning? Well the Good Guy. Rockavon shares some of the characteristics of a Good Guy.

Boys and Girls, please read on and tell me what you think.

The Good Guy

He gets out of the house and is really social.

He uses his value based reality to naturally become selective.

He encourages the girl to GAME him.

He rewards good behavior with displays of intent.

He takes care of himself and his body and his avatar so he is always looking and feeling his best.

He is willing to walk away at any moment or disqualify himself at the sight of second class behavior that doesn’t live up to his expectations.

He is above all the petty stuff that people do, his self esteem is too high for that stuff to affect him and his ego is in check.

He is un-reactive to button pushing because his ego is in check and his self esteem is too high.

He knows how to lead, escalate, and kino(touch)

He knows how to quickly screen for logistics

He knows how to qualify authentically at the right time

He is not too easily won over but always somewhat interested

He is in touch with his sexual core

Now while some of these terms you may not be sure what they mean, I hope you are able to get an overall scope of what a good guy is. All I was thinking while I was reading that list is Hot, Hot, Hot.

Girls, I dare you to challenge me and tell me this is something that you wouldn’t find appealing!

So if that is a definition of a good guy, then what is a nice guy? Well its my belief that nice guys don’t get girls.

Haven’t you noticed that every hot chick will have at least ONE male best friend who we all know is secretly IN LOVE with her, but just can’t seem to figure out how to get her to like him?

Come’on girls spill the truth here.


Ok so what do I believe are some of the characteristics of a nice, needy and insecure guy?

Read on ….

The Nice Guy

He will do anything and everything to please his woman

He seeks approval and praise constantly

He is emotionally unstable and relies on situations, other people and external influences to make him happy

He self esteem could do some work

He may not believe that he is worthy of a particular girl or type

He is to a certain extent socially impaired

He sets no clear boundaries with women

He thinks that being friends with a woman will increase his chances of dating her

He denies/suppresses his sexual needs

He can also come across as sexually needy

He thinks the nicer he is to a woman the more they will like him

He apologizes for this actions and his thoughts, worried that he will offend her

He thinks the more time he spends with a woman the more she will like him

He has very little idea of how the game works

He may see learning about pick up as manipulative rather than a personal development journey.

Now here is the thing guys. Its no longer the bad boys vs. the nice guy.

Its the good guys that are winning the race. These are the guys with generally good hearts, with social apt and the strength and unapologetic nature of a bad boy.

These are your pick up artists who learn through books, coaching and experience .. on how to really sweep you off your feet.

Nothing wrong with that. Bring em on.

For those of you men who want to know how move from the Nice Guy to the Good Guy, then please take my survey and receive my video which will help you make the transition.

Hot Alpha Female

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