Yeh yeh so women today are more independent that ever before.Yes we have more liberation, yes we can do as much as men can and more.There is really no limit on our success these days.

We can shatter those glass ceilings, kick men in the boardroom, make more money, raise a better family, mulit-task and all with a smile on our face.

We are the new 21st century women.

So why can’t we get dates? Why are we still single? Why has this liberation seem to have left us in the dark?Thats because its not our status, wealth, ambition and independence that keeps us single, its our attitude.

Its about what single life means to us. Its what getting into a relationship ultimately means.Stuff this up and single hood into your 40s-50s-60s is looking like a very possible option.

So what are they?

Well I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I guarantee you that in the 3 minutes it takes to watch this video it is really going to open your eyes.

Hot Alpha Female

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