So this whole online profile writing this was spurred on by an awesome post that lance did on his blog honey and lance a little while ago. You can view it here.

Basically lance had seem so many of the same dating profiles put up by chicks that he decided to make one of his own.

And I tell you want, it was freaking hilarious and it proved a great point. You guys can all be standardized frauds.

Well ok maybe that was my interpretation.

So to stand out from the crowd of crappy profiles .. this is what I came up with …

This is the profile that I posted like 2 days ago. I wrote it with an objective in mind. To be as bitchy, blunt and honest about who I was without all the fluff and crap you normally see on a dating website.

In fact when I was writing this out … I’m thinking to myself, “Dam”, I can be cynical! SO as part in parcel of preparing for my sociology essay which so happens to be on intimate relationships and online dating, I have come to many very very cool conclusions.

First conclusion – There is this ideal picture that society has of what a perfect guy or girl should be.

For men, its should be that they are tall dark and handsome. They should be easy going, have a good income and be a gentleman. Lets chuck in, they have to have a “sensitive side” to him aswell.

For women, they should be equally easy going, attractive, intelligent, have a good sense of humor whilst being feminine but not too feminine.

Secondly I have come to the conclusion that I am probably one of the most superficial online daters out there.

Pictures mean everything. And if I don’t like you picture. I’m sooo not reading your profile.

Sometimes if you have a really awesome profile .. I’ll put up with you not really being that good looking, but it just gets too hard to pretend … so you might as well as say no.

I have this policy, “when in doubt, send them out”. Creative huh? Seriously I just thought of it then.

Forgive me if this post is all over the place today. I just spent all of last night up finishing off this essay which still isn’t finished.

So I haven’t slept in like …. Man I can’t even calculate it. Its funny what sleep deprivation does to your brain. And my brain was already going at 3 billion words per minute … so now, pretty much I’m in the state when I wanna say something … it just comes out in gibberish.

Ok enough of me talking about random pointless things. You want the stats on my profile? And by the way this is PURELY for research purposes. I’m closing my account within the next week, because I just don’t like online dating and don’t think I ever will. Plus every single guy that has contacted me .. I’ve replied with a “Thanks, wish you well in your search” button. And I feel really bad saying no to all these poor harmless guys who honestly want to get to know me or whatever ….

So my user name is “AwesomeNameGoesHere”

My Tagline is “Insert Line Which Really Wants To Make You Click HERE”

Its all very original I know ….

Here are my stats. Now how it works with RSVP is that people can send you a “kiss” which is like a prescripted text like “I’m interested wanna chat” and then you can reply with a scripted message like “No get lost creep” or “Sure!”. Other than that people can email you directly which usually means they spend more money and they also have a limited amount of credit by which they can email people.

So in 2 days I have recieved over 70 kisses, 7 emails and 12 people who have added me to their favorites list (in other words stalkers).

Don’t know whether that’s good or bad. It has to be compared with what happens with other chicks on RSVP. Keep in mind you Americans, there is only like 1.5 million users on RSVP unlike E-harmony which is like 15 times more … ra ra.

The point is … that all i know how to do is write an awesome and interesting profile and know what times to appear online and offline so that other members can see you and will click on you.

Here my profile … enjoy =)

OK, So let me first start by saying, this isn’t going to be like all the other profiles you see out there. Because I’m going to be brutally honest.

I’m not going to start my profile with “I’m a fun person, who likes to have fun, do fun things, with fun people”.

Maybe I am fun. Maybe I’m not. Just because I say it, doesn’t mean that it will be true.

Secondly. Don’t tell my parents or my friends. Because this is just plain embarrassing.

Thirdly in the profile etiquette page it said that I should be specific, avoid clichés and watch my bragging.

But HELLO?!! That’s the complete opposite to how I am! I’m extremely generic, I change subjects every 5 seconds, clichés are the only language I speak in and heck yeh I LOVE TO BRAG!

I’m so AWESOME! <——- See what I mean?

Now here is the thing. I know that you are judging me already. Some of you have already decided that I’m not the right height for you, that my grammar sucks or that I said I want kids when I settle down.

Some of you are wishing, “Dammit, why can’t I write a profile like this?!”

You know what? Its ok. Really. I’m not going to hold it against you.

So right now I feel compelled to sell myself. To tell you about all the fantastic reasons, why “I THINK YOU SHOULD SEND ME A KISS/EMAIL ME .. whatever”.

I feel compelled to put my best foot forward and to give you a real good impression.

But I’m not going to. This is me and this is all your getting.

You know .. being A human, I’ve realized that I’m not perfect. So I figured, its time to stop pretending that I am. Here are the things that prove that I’m not.

I can be a moody .. girl at times.

I can be terribly sarcastic.

*insert something which you probably find immensely irritating*

Such is life.

Sales pitch over.

My Interests

Music:You know stuff that has a beat.

Reading: Books with words in them.

Movies & TV: *sigh* Are there going to be any serious and important questions? Like who REALLY killed Kenny ….

Sport: Extreme sports. Like walking and dictionary reading. For example: Heliopause means the area in which the outgoing solar wind and the incoming plasma from interstellar space meet. It is the boundary of our solar system. Thanks Readers Digest your my hero =)

Other interests: I love playing games .. Mind Games … Like Chess and Poker. hahahaha. Ok I lied about the chess part.

So obviously you are not going to write all these things down in your profile. However I was writing this profile with what I was feeling at the time and it was an honest expression of what I wanted to say. I know we have been told out our best foot forward and blah blah. I say just be honest and realistic and above all, don’t pretend you are something you are so clearly NOT! Goodluck!

Hot Alpha Female

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