I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of girlfriends who are GORGEOUS. Like seriously, they are HOTT.

But many of them complain that when they head out to a club, they don’t get any attention. Now I just find that a bit strange. Looks are a HUGE FACTOR which will attract the attention of MEN. I mean lets not kid ourselves here.

So if your an attractive woman, why is it that you are not getting the kind of attention you deserve? Or why is it, that only all the sleazy drunken guys hit on you? Well, the answer is more obvious than you think.

So listen in and listen up, because you are going to LOVE this VIDEO!!

For those of you that want to be get up to date here is

Part One
5 Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Part One – How To Pick Men Up At A Club

Part Two
5 Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Part Two – Pick Lines At A Club

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