I just stated the number one dating problem of the 21st century.

and all in 7 words and less ….

Now let me explain this concept in a bedtime story.

Once upon a time in a land far far away ….

There was a man named Magnus and a woman named Sugar. Now they did not at the time know each other but both equally hated their parents for giving them such flaky names.

Now Magnus had the world at his feet. His parents were the rulers of the world and he was obviously heir to the thrown. In fact his father was handing over the rule of the kingdom the very next year.

Now Magnus was a masculine kind of guy. He loved to ride his horses, go on hunting trips and talk about manly stories with his other manly rough and tough buddies over beer about the latest swordfight. I’m sure there was plenty of grunting involved too.

Sugar on the other hand was very different. She was a woman. She was a lady. As usual she had to marry some old ugly guy who was pre-arranged to wed her the day she was born. But she enjoyed her life too. It was filled with dresses that were too tight, friends with the emotional depth of a pancake and she was lavished with adoration of all the old horny male servants. Ohhh and in addition to this she was a damsel in distress. Lets not forget that part.

Life was sweet.

Sweet as sugar.

To cut a story short, Sugar was in need of help one day because she found herself in a tower surrounded by a dragon and needed someone to rescue her. Magnus just happened to be around from a hunting trip, slayed the dragon, rescued her and they lived happily even after.

Now lets look at today’s fairytale version.

Once upon a time in a place called the 21st Century ….

There was a boy named Bobbi, who was a quiet kind of guy. He lived with his parents who would have gladly have him stay there for the rest of his life. He has three sisters and his idea of fun was going “shopping” but for manly things of course. He was a sensitive new aged guy who was drummed in my his mum, sisters and society to dress nicely, to say nothing when they had PMS and to be agreeable with all those around him. His days were spent with his X box and if he really wanted to do something manly he would watch gladiator.

Now Max was a go getter kind of girl. She moved out when she was 12 and she either had to make it or break it. Some of her favorite pastimes included sitting down with her girlfriends and talking about how pathetic men were. She has a PHD in emotional male bashing and thinks that no one guy is good enough to date her. Her past boyfriends (although she doesn’t call them that) were all doormats and she is wondering were all the good men are. She wishes she lived back in the day of Magnus.

Anyways the story ends up with Max trying to chase Bobbi and Bobbi wondering what the heck is going on. He likes Max but doesn’t know how to handle her. They still get together, marry each other and have 2.4 kids. However Max is doomed to a life of living with a doormat and Bobbi lives out the rest of his life in an emotional jail.

hmmm …. maybe I should give up on my dreams of being a children’s book writer. lol

So what point am I getting at?

What’s Wrong With Women Today?

Let me ask you this…..

Since when did it become ok for a woman to chase and hunt down a man? Like only the 21st century right?

You don’t here of Genevieve (or whatever her name is) … trying to get King Arthur out on a date do you?

There is societal pressure on women today to have it all. To be able to do all the things that men can do, plus have some babies, cook, clean, maintain a respectable social life all while looking like Jessica Alba and with a smile on their face.

Whets the problem with this? Well women are becoming so apparently competent mw don’t know where there place is.

And women don’t allow men to have a place anymore.

We hear about it all the time. Women who are smart, strong and beautiful and apparently they cannot find a man. Is it that there are no men out there, or that you are just being a littel bit of a stuck up (B*****!!!) person.

What’s Wrong With Men Today?

Then this is this WHOLE manly thing.

There is this whole societal pressure of men to be the new women. You hear of sensitive new age guys who are suppose to be in touch with their feelings. You hear of metros who need to have a better dress sense than woman and still be straight.

The very idea of musicality is being threatened by women!!! With today’s attitude we are competing with the men and winning.

And this causes havoc on the dating arena. Women chasing men and men not knowing what to do with themselves.

Men being too scared to express their masculinity which resides within them, because their sisters bullied the crap out of them and they were teased at school for not having a good dress sense. They were scolded for being too assertive. Their masculinity has been stripped from them..

If you are listening to what women want, its that they want there masculine man back. Screw this sensitive new age guy crap.

I would rather a guy who doesn’t know how to dress but knows how to stand up for himself and me when the time calls for it.

If you want to know what the solution to this problem is … I would say that …

Its time for men to man up and for women to man down.

Maybe its time to call this blog “Cute Beta Female”


Just kidding.

Hot Alpha Female

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