Isn’t that the ultimate question? Why is that women date bad boys but marry the nice guy?

This was very true to a friend of mine who has NO PROBLEM with men whatsoever. Lets just say that she had flirting and gaining men’s attraction down to the T.

So here she is dating all these great looking men, successful, rich men who because of this were also able to get a lot of women.

In other words she was dating a lot of players and kind of rough and tough guys.So anyways life is all good and then I hear that she is dating this new guy. Things are going pretty strong and they are spending lots of time together.

Then comes the day when I get to meet him and by then they had been going out for quite a while. So I meet him and my jaw drops. But not because of the reason that you think. Not because he is drop dead gorgeous. Not becuase his personality just blew me away.

But because he was NOTHING, NOTHING like the type of guy she had dated before.

Just probably the opposite of it. And here is the thing. You could totally tell that he was a nice sweet and genuine guy. He was not going to mess around with her. He was the real deal!

So many of you are thinking … WHAT??!! WHAT??!!

Why is that? Well thats why you have to watch the video!! Don’t you just hate it when I leave you hanging like that?

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