Like I said before. The term Hot Alpha Female is always unfolding for me. But here is something that I have uncovered recently.

Its all a sham! Hahaha …. Well ok a little bit of it is a sham.

Want to know why?

Well let me explain.

Maybe because I thought Hot Alpha Female, was a completely new concept, I thought it was a brainwave that no one had ever thought of before.

Apparently, I’m still learning a lot. Apparently I don’t know it all. And I think that’s a good thing, because otherwise I would never learn anything new.

SO what brought this on? Well the book called , changed that for me!

Like hello?! What have I been missing this whole time! So here is another realization that I have come to, which a lot of alpha women will have to realize. And trust me, I was fighting this one for a long time.

That Alpha Females need a Beta Male. Now I hesitate calling them Beta Males. But here is the thing that I discovered about what I really want. A confident funny Beta Male. I don’t want an Alpha Male, because there isn’t enough room in the relationship for 2 egos.

Now the only way I realize this is by reflecting on my past experiences.

Yes the strong and masculine and over powering males have been an incredible intrigue. But I wouldn’t actually date one of them!

Most of the men I have dated are complete and utter Beta Males. Now that’s not to say that is bad, but here is the thing. I always thought that I wanted to guy that was just like me. That had his own huge ambitions, that was passionate, inspirational and a real go getter. I wanted to have things going full steam ahead too!

Sounds great in theory right? But if I’m doing the same, then where is the time together going to happen?

What I have found with my many alpha female friends is that their current partners are in fact supportive more than anything else. Usually my friends are real go getters and their husbands support them from the side line.

Women at the front, man standing next to her.

Supportive = great.

Doormat = not so great.

I mean don’t even get me started on that topic again.

So if there is ever a wonder why so called alpha females are having trouble, its because they are looking for an alpha male when what they really need is a beta.

Sorry girls.

So what is my conclusion?!

Alpha Males with Beta Females. Alpha Females with Beta Males.

*sigh* I finally believe that is true ….


Hot Alpha Female

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