Girls girls girls. So I’m sure that all of you have been out clubbing or to the bars before. Maybe some of you still do it a lot and others not so much.

Whatever the case, either is fine! Now what usually happens on these nights? Do a lot of you go out to meet men, get oogled and googled but then have no one approach you? or

Have you gone out clubbing and only had the horrible sleazy men hit on you and wondered where all the more quality ones are? In this video I set the “scene” to a 4 part video series (2 per week). I explain a “pick up game”, that you can choose to use not only at a nightclub but anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

I show you how you can have a really great fun night which involves harmless flirting and no promise of anything you don’t want.

If you wanna know what it is, you’ll just have to watch! For my subscribers, please click here

Hot Alpha Female

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