So many of you may know about shite tests. Tests that women put you poor guys up to .. so you can prove that you are worthy to talk to, date and all that other stuff =)

Well I have read a lot of posts about this. And I want to be able to put the solution to these tests in a different light.

So many posts have come out, giving examples of what you should say and what you shouldn’t say.

I love reading these posts, but I think that they defeat the main point.

And that is … understanding the “reason” why you need to respond in the way that you do.

So as you can see in my heading, I say that you can win these tests, by giving women exactly what they want.

That may cause a little bit of controversy because all the other posts give strict rules like “never answer her question directly”, “never say no or yes” and the rest of it.

Well I want to go against the grain of that. And say that how you pass those shite tests really depends on the situation and what is being said.

If you want to know how to pass these tests, then you don’t need to know and study all the shite tests that have been given in the past and try and come up with answers to all of them.

What I think you do need to know .. is understand the underlying meaning a woman has, when she states something.

Now that may be a bit of an ask … especially for guys.

But seriously its easy.

Let me share with you, a little secret. Every shite test that woman gives you is based on an insecurity.

Think about that one for a second …

Let me give you a couple of statements and show you what insecurity they reveal.

Once you can identify what she is REALLY saying then you know what NEED you have to help her fill.

The one thing you need to remember about women, is that you can NEVER take us literally.

Because whatever it is that we say .. is always, always, always hidden with meaning.

Ok so let me see if I can think of some statements.

“Where do you see us going?”
What she really means. She wants to know if you are interested in her enough to want to keep her around.

“Do you think that she is good looking?”

What she really means, do you think that I’m hotter? How much are you really attracted to me?

“So how close are you to your best friend?”

What she really means is there room enough for me? Will you spend time going on dates with me?

No matter if the question is about your brother, mother, or best friend … about work, school or whatever. There is an underlying question about how she fits it, how important she is to you and where she will be placed in your life on an importance scale.

So how I want to help?

Well I want you lovely guys to recognize that the next time a chick asks you something, its because she is feeling insecure. Its nothing to do with you. Its to do with her. So when a chick tests you don’t take it personally either.

For instance at a club, a girl could test you and ask you questions and be tough, because she doesn’t yet know that she can trust you .. that you are safe.

Women are always concerned about safety. Not only if they are physically safe with you, but whether they are emotionally safe with you too.

Can he protect me? Will be stand up to ME .. so I know that he can stand up FOR me? Am I safe from being hurt by him? Is he going to run over my emotions?

These are all questions that are subconsciously running through our minds. And if you realize this .. then you have the power to pass all the tests and create amazing attraction with pretty much any chick that you want =)

Pretty kool huh?

Hot Alpha Female

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