Ok so we all know that women are testing all the time. Recently this has been re-enforced while I’m listening to Tony Robbins relationship DVD.

Not only are women testing while in the dating process. But they are also testing when it comes to being in a relationship.

As women we always want to know …

Do you really love me? Will you stick by us through thick and thin? Do you understand my real needs? Will you stand to me … so I know that you can stand up for me? Can you protect me? Will you protect me no matter what?

I think one thing that men get wrong, when a woman is storming is that whatever she is storming about is all HIS fault.

Then the guy feels inadequate and feels like a failure because he feels like he cannot solve her problems.

He feels like he can’t take care of his woman and no matter what he does … he is not enough.

Being “not enough” is one of human’s greatest fears.

Where we feel like we are not enough .. we will run and we will run fast.

What I want you guys to realize is that when a woman is storming … she is not aiming it all at you.

She is being a bitch, she is yelling at you … she is pulling away from you to see how far you will take your commitment.

when she walks away … will you follow her?

When she yells, screams and abuses her … will you give her a hug and still love her.

When she is not herself, will you make her remember who she really is.

When a guy can’t step up to plate, who withdraws when she does this, or threatens to leave the relationship … this show the lack of the commitment on behalf of the man.

What is going through a woman’s head is … “see he doesn’t love me” and that is her ultimate fear.

If you are a male and you want to know what women really need and want it is this.

She wants you to be a man. She wants you to grow a set .. and love her no matter what.

She wants to know .. that you will be there for her when the shite hits the fan and that you will STEP up and take charge when she needs someone to rely on.

While she may demand and complain .. all a woman really wants is for you to be her man. Be the man in the relationship, love her .. take care of her … and love her forever.

As a woman in order to fulfill this … you need to stop having this masculine energy about you and remember that within each and everyone of us, is this beautiful, vulnerable little girl that wants to loved and be taken care of by her man.

But the way in which we are conditioned by society esp today .. is for girls to take on more masculine traits.

Go out .. work .. be independent, financially and emotionally.

The reason why we are having so much trouble with this is because women are not wired this way.

We are meant to be feminine. Men are meant to be masculine and its when these two roles are confused that relationship deteriorate.

Food for thought guys.

But at the end of the day … its all about the men stepping up and being the manly men they are. lol

Hot Alpha Female

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