It just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.

Women today are more empowered than ever, we can do as much as any man can and I would even go as far to say that we can do MORE.

Our careers are what we make it, glass ceilings are breaking all over the place, we are no longer expected to say at home.

In fact we are expected to do everything …. Like have a career, take care of kids, maintain a healthy relationship, take care of the family, have a good social balance and all with a smile on our face.

But why is it that so many great girls that I’m coming across who are HOT, SMART and SUCCESSFUL are having trouble finding quality men?

Is it that men are just intimidated by success?

There is a girl that I met recently and she told me about an experience that I found to be interesting and shocking at the same time.

She was talking to me about how we could not attract the right guy for her.

Now she had a successful profession she was a doctor and was very good at her job.

At the same time she is also a pilates instructor in her spare time.

Weird combination, I know.

Anyways so she was at a bar one time with some of her friends.

And a man approached her and started a conversation with her.

All was going well and he asked her what she did.

She replied I’m a doctor.

The guy looks at her … then looks away and yells “NEXT!!”.

Then she went on to tell me … that when she replies to the same question and answers that she is a pilates instructor that she gets the opposite result and that men want to get to know her better.

So this really makes me wonder.

She could be getting this result because of two reasons.

The first reason is that men ARE intimidated by women who are extremely successful.


Well I believe its because if a woman is successful in not only in her career but in her life, then the male feels that he cannot adequately provide for her.

Not only because they would have to accept that his partner would be earning more money than him, but that he would not be able to provide the right amount of emotional support for her.

If a woman is so successful already, then why in the world would she need a man? Where does he fit in?

I think this is what runs through his head. But guys, when you read this and can think of some other reasons, I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

So the 2nd reason I believe …. Is that the woman because she is successful believes that this inhibits her ability to attract quality men because they are intimated.

Because she has this mindset, she only attracts people and situations that match this and is unable to see the good quality men around her.

As well as this, she believes its her success which is the killer, when really its her attitude that is.

She behaves and acts in a way in which makes men feel inferior and not a challenge to her.

She therefore rules out any potential men before they even get to say hello … let alone ask them out on a date.

Therefore her theory becomes a self fulfilling prophecy which she cannot escape from, until someone comes around and gives her a bitch slap!!

So for those women who are reading this … This is my bitch slap … and while I’m there, I might have to give myself one too!

Hot Alpha Female

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