Ok so it might sound like I’m contradicting myself here. Because in previous posts, I talk about acting certain ways and what not when it comes to dating.

Well I want to get that all out in the clear right now. I want to clear the fluff and get down to the truth. So you guys better be prepared for it. Because its pretty juicy =)

So here is the thing.

As a man, you should never not be yourself. You should never pretend to be someone that you are not. You should never appear to be something that you aren’t. The term fake it until you make it, does not apply here.

So what do I really mean by this and why should you avoid falling into this trap?

Well let me get stuck into it and you guys can tell me what you actually think.

Don’t lie about your age, money or personality.

Don’t pretend that you love snorkeling if you can’t stand the water

Don’t pretend that your patient when you have a temper that is worse than John McEnroe’s.

Don’t pretend you have a personality that isn’t true to how you really are

Want to know why you should never do this?

Well let me tell you … and by the way, either outcome does not work in your favor.

The women ends up seeing through it all. Let me just get this one thing straight. Most women are actually pretty perceptive when it comes to dating. Yes we can be confused at times and bla bla, but majority of the time, we can get the general vibe about someone.

So when you start acting up and putting on this fake persona or being something that you are not, this just kind of yells desperate and fake to a woman and she isn’t really going to respond very favorably to you.

All i can talk is from my experience and i can see straight though guys that aren’t really being themselves. I don’t actually get repulsed by them or anything, but i think I end up feeling sorry for them, because they don’t have the balls to be who they really are. Either way, does not work out in their favor =)

Lets just say that for some reason, your really good at being fake. You fool her. You fool this girl with your fakeness and get her to date you, marry you, whatever you. Well sure i guess it would work if you just wanted some meaningless one night stand, but if you want some repeat business or god forbid an actual relationship … then you have to ask yourself, for how long can you keep this fakeness up for?

Because after you have married this woman and you feel like she is constantly changing you … she would say … no I’m not trying to change you. I’m just trying to bring out the man that I married 5 years ago, 10 years ago.

So what would be my final conclusion? Well if you want to be fake, the only person that you end up fooling is YOURSELF.

I don’t tell you to be truthful just for the people you are dating. I tell you to be truthful for YOU. And only you.

So let me just end this post with this thought. You are unique. There is no one on this earth that is the same like you. No-one. Therefore there are characteristics about you, that no one has. Instead of hiding that, covering it, ignoring it … why don’t you focus on seeing what that is and then bringing that out to the world?

Because there is one thing that this world appreciated. And that is someone who has the guts to say “You know what? This is me. You either like it or you don’t because I’m proud of it and I’m not changing”.

N when you embrace that, guy or girl, dating, attraction and interacting with the whole world in general becomes so much more easier, better and more fulfilling.

Hot Alpha Female

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