For those of that are reading this post for the first time. Then read “I Just Got Cubed, Now It’s Your Turn“. Because otherwise this is seriously going to be a bit of a spoiler!

So for those of you that have already had a look at my first post. Then here are the results. N sorry that I kept some of you waiting!!

The landscape represents how you see your world. Are there mountains in the distance that are blocking your view. Is it lush and green? How do you feel within this landscape. Is it welcoming?

The cube actually represents yourself =) So remember to note the relation of the cube to the landscape. Is it big or small? The position of the cube is also important. Floating cubes actually represent ideas people, who can be a little lofty. Solid cubes signify stability. The color is also important as well. But more importantly its how you feel about that color. When you look at that cube, do you feel peaceful or happy. Some of the cubes that I have come across, are big sandstone cubes. Floating cubes on a point. Cubes which are hollow with doors at the top.

So the ladder represents your friends and your social network. The material that the ladder is made of is also important. Wooden ladders are usually representative of something more traditional old and stable. So friends that maybe you grew up with and that are very dependable on. With that said a lot of the people that I talked to they had metal or steel ladders. This usually represents the depth to the relationship. More newer substances such as aluminum represents more shallow friends. More tougher materials like titanium, wood, concrete obviously represent deeper relationships.
It should also be noted how the ladder is standing. Is it leaning up against the cube? Is it standing on its own. Obviously if it is standing up on his own then it means that your friends are more self reliant and are close to you but do not depend on you.

This represents your lover/partner. So you should take note of the size of the horse and where it is in relation to the cube. Its all about your perspective so you have to determine if you Feel the horse is closer to the cube or further away. A horse that is far away form the cube means that you partner is probably not as significant in your life. The type of horse that it is also matters. Some people have imagined toy horses, magical horses, or stallions. If the horse is wearing a saddle it means that there is a level of control of you on the horse and so on.

The storm represents the challenges in your life and how you deal with obstacles. Did you have a light shower or a threatening tornado? Did you feel that the storm was coming towards you or that it was moving away. More important how did you feel about the storm. was it something that was bothering you at all. Were you scared by it. Or where you comforted by it. This will give you a little bit of an understanding of how you deal with challenges and what not.

The flowers are your children or people that you helped to nurture. So not how many of them they are. The closeness of the flowers to the cube and the horse will signify how close they are to you and your partner. Are they are dominant feature in your landscape or something that is more off to the side. This will reveal what important your children will have in your life.

So that was a very general interpretation. When this was used on me, I found it to be soooo much fun and it always gets people talking!!

Neways so if you guys want a deeper interpretation, just tell me what you got and I can prolly help you, plus it would be really cool to see what you got =)

N because I promised in my last post …. I’m gonna spill on my own results!!!

Hot Alpha Female’s Cube Results

So my landscape was one of those salt white deserts. It was beautiful, expositive and limitless. You look in any direction and it was all the same.

My cube was small! (I was so annoyed about this!) haha. It was actually a rubix cube and it wasn’t solved. While it was small, it was like a glowing cube with light shining out of it. Kind like a bit matrix style.

My ladder was a wooden ladder. It was only 2 – 3 meters long and it was leaning at a 45 degree angle against absolutely nothing. It was slanted over the cube. But the ladder nor the cube were reliant on each other. To me that means that the friends that I have a fairly independent. They can stand on their own two feet, yet they are close to me. I have somewhat deep relationships with the people around me.

Ok my horse was freaken beautiful. It was a black stallion. Prestigious, pure breed. it was grazing on grass that wasn’t really there. Standing close to the cube and the ladder. Completely free but wanting to stay close. It was just happy doing its own thing and had a claming, strong and protective presence.

It was a little cloudy everywhere. But there was a tornado above me. Even though there was a tornado, it was a weird still calm. The horse, the ladder and the cube where not affected by the storm at all. In fact it had a protective presence in the landscape.

It was really weird. But when I imagined flowers, my entire landscape changed. I imagined a field of red and yellow tulips that engulfed the entire landscape. I was now in a tulip field the storm disappeared, the sun came out and birds starting chirping. lol. Part of imagining a field like that can point to wanting to be a leader in the future, having followers or what not. Hey I’m cool with that =)

So there you go. That’s the cube game explained. So girl’s if a guy uses this on you, do your best not to completely fall in love with him, and think that he is like the most original dude ever. Guy’s if you haven’t seen this before, then I would definitely recommend using it. It works a bloody treat and like I said before, girls absolutely LOVE this stuff. I know I sure did =)

Cube Update: 8th Jan 2010: I have to note guys that my cube area has been changing in particular over the last couple of months. The most significant change has been with the weather! I know have blue clear sunnie skies with the occasional light fluffy non threatening cloud. Additionally my ladder has changed to a white wooden ladder that extends up into the sky. The important thing that I want all of you to remember is that you can change your cube area. In doing so you can change your subconscious beliefs and ways of living. So first find out what your images are and then tweak them to your liking. Its your imagination. Its your subconscious, so you can make it do whatever it is that you want =)

Hot Alpha Female

P.s The next post that will be coming out in the next couple of days before I head over to AMERICA *squeals* will be on ” What you don’t know, that you don’t know” – You guys are going to love it and I’m going to be addressing one of the very things that holds us back when it comes to relationships, success and life in general.

Stay tuned ok?

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