“I want you to play a little game with me. N by the end of it I’m going to know more about you than you know about yourself” said a guy who shall remain nameless.

I thought to myself. Hmmmm he’s using something on me here. But hey I’ll take the bait. What harm could it do right?

After he finished the game with me, not only did I feel he knew more about me, the rapport I had built with him was great and the social energy of our entire group was lifted.

I guess your wondering what I’m talking about huh? I guess your wondering how a guy I had already classed as a friend was able to make himself stand outside of the crowd. N I guess you wondering what it is, that makes me think of him every time I talk about this game.

Well some of you may have figured it out already. But for those of you that haven’t caught then I’m referring to “The Cube” game. Neil Strauss mentions it in his book the game. Some PUAs use it to break the ice and get a little more playful information about the girl that are talking to.

Since I’m a chick. All I can tell you. Is from a chicks perspective. N what did I have to think about this game? It works. It freaken works. N the best thing is, that the more you know the girl then the more you can interpret the cube differently. The more material you have to bag her out with. The more you WILL know about her.

When this game was being used on me. I just found it really fun and did not want it to stop. Guys just for your information. These little fun games. They Work and we LOVE them!!!

With that said.

I want you guys to play a game with me

N by the end of it I’m going to know more about you than you know about yourself.

Ready for it?

Just a couple of things before we start. Make sure you have about 5 minutes to complete this. Keep a clear mental picture of what you visualise and make it as descriptive and detailed as possible. Use the first things that come to your mind.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Ok so now lets get started!!!

So first in your mind’s eye imagine a desert landscape of some sort. What does it look like. How big is it? What materials is it made up of? What does the horizon look like. What time of day is it?

Next you have to imagine a cube. How big is it. What colour is it? what is it made up of. How is it positioned within the landscape. is it sitting flat on the sand. Is it floating. How do you feel about this cube?
Think of at least 5 adjectives that you can use to describe the cube before you move on.

Next you should imagine a ladder. Where is it in relation to the cube. what is it made up of? How long is it? Is it big or is it small. Is it resting on anything? Or is it standing on its own. Is it a solid ladder? Does it interchange or slide up or down.

Now after the ladder, you have to imagine a horse. What kind of horse is it? what colour? What is it? what is it doing? Is it wearing a saddle or bridle? Where is the horse in relation to the cube? Is it far or near? What is the horse in relationship to the landscape?

Now somewhere in the dessert is a storm. What kind of storm is this? Where do you see it? Is it threatening or passing? Does it affect the cube, the ladder and the horse? If so how?

And finally in this desert there are flowers. Where are the flowers in relation to the cube, the ladder and the horse, the storm? Are there many or are there few? what colour are they? What kind are they?

So now you guys should all have a vivid picture in your mind. What did you see? You will find that everyone’s landscape will be uniquely different!

Meanings and interpretation will be coming out on Friday =)

Hot Alpha Female

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