Ok so here is the deal. Something dawned on me last night. I asked the question to myself .. why is that chicks are bitchy? N why is that I’m bitchy to some guys.

I have seen some of the nicest girls, have the biggest hissy fits when it comes to guys and I was wondering what is going on behind it all.

So over that time, it got me thinking and here are a couple of answers that I could find at the time. Maybe you guys can add to it later.

Being a bitch is a time management tool.
Some of you guys may be thinking huh?? But let me give you a little scenario. Imagine that you are an fairly attractive person. It is a known fact that pretty girls are approached in one way or another AT LEAST 10-15 times a day.

Now can you imagine if every single time that you were approached by a guy that you would have to stop what you were doing and talk to them. Lets say that you spend like 5 minutes with each of these guys … that’s like 75 minutes. That’s like 1 hour and 15 minutes a day, talking to someone that you don’t really feel like talking to.

So here is my theory. Girls are bitchy because it is a great time management tool. It stops you from having to talk to all these people that you really don’t feel like talking at the time.

N instead of talking to them for 10 minutes (being bored out of your freaken mind) then you can save yourself the pain of it all, by appearing totally disinterested and cold to begin with.

I know I know, it doesn’t really make you that approachable. Recently I just wrote an article called “why smiling will get them dialling” and basically I talk about, getting rid of the whole bitchy attitude. While I say this, at the same time, I can still seen the benefits of saving time that this bitchy approach can have.

Just so you don’t get any ideas
Maybe the whole bitchy thing is that so a guy who you KNOW likes you .. doesn’t get the impression that you are into him as much as he is into you. N just as a side note, I don’t actually think that girls know why or when they are being bitchy. In many ways its also like a safeguard defence mechanism. It just fires off, when the warning bells go off …

Some girls, just can’t go out and say straight to your face. “I’m not interested in you … so don’t even bother”. Usually they will start acting up, put a lot of Shiite tests in front of you, ignore your calls or just plain disrespect you when you are around. Its the more subtle and subconscious way of telling you .. that you either need to up your game or get lost.

You got to earn your respect
This is one that I just figured out recently. SO what happens if there is a girl in your life and she may be a girlfriend, friend that is a girl or whatever. If she is constantly bitchy .. then you have yourself and problem and you probably need to fix it.

Girls will be bitchy to basically test to see how much crap you will put up with. You will find that they respect the boundaries that you give them.

Let them walk over you .. and they will.Let me know, how you think you should be treated and teach them and they will act accordingly. Here’s a thought. No one can be bitchy or make you feel inferior without your permission.

If someone is acting in a certain way with you .. its because you let them. If you want to change the way people interact with you .. then you need to change how you interact with them. Pretty easy right?

So with a girl that doesn’t respect you and is acting up all the time, really all we want to know is where the boundaries are. If you respect your time, then WE will learn to as well. If you never have an opinion to anything, then we will treat you like you never do. If you always ask for our approval .. then we see you as someone who can make up his own mind.

I know its harsh .. but that’s the way it is.

I don’t know. I’m going to through this one out to you guys. What do you think? what do you interpret when a girls starts playing up. Girls .. any other reasons as to why we may be bitchy towards the opposite sex? Guys ..how do you manage a bitchy girl?

Let me know your thoughts guy – I’m listening.

Hot Alpha Female

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