Now I’m not saying that I have seen and heard everything in regards to picking up. Far from it. N that’s something I would like to keep that way. However when it comes to dating and attraction there are a couple more things that I know than your average kind of gal.

N you know this can be a little intimidating to guys who are just getting into the whole pick up thing or really are not that confident in girls just yet. It’s easy for me to shoot through their game with a couple of phrases without even trying.

Some guys get a little taken aback when they realize that the same material they have been learning is just as familiar to me. Some guys lose their game right then and there. But some have the balls to go on.

N I’m sure that its just not me. I’m sure girls that are getting hit on constantly also have the same experience. They heard a lot of the pick up lines and many of them have also been the target of guys who are just getting into the game and don’t really know what they are doing.

As a side note, that’s why once you get into working the whole PUA thing that you really develop your own style. Something that screams YOU and that no one really else has. It totally kills your competition and prevents the objection of ” You got that from that BOOK?! DIDNT YOU?!” or “Yeh I’ve heard that one before *bored sympathetic look*”.

Ok getting back on subject. While I make the point that knowing the game cancels a lot of guys out .. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work.

I would even go as far to say, that if you really know what you are doing and have the right execution that even if you KNOW this guy is gaming you, it still bloody works!

Even though YOU KNOW he learnt his skill in a book and is now using it on you … at the end of the day, you still end up giggling like a little school girl going a little crazy .. and god forbid actually having fun and enjoying the courting process.

Knowing the game .. does not mean that you cannot get gamed. Just thought I would say that one again just so you go the point.

N you know what guys and girls? That’s bloody good news for everybody. Because here is the thing. Guys usually get a little disheartened when a girl knows what game he is playing and either have to step up or piss off. N girls who know the game, think that by knowing it .. it actually screws up her chances with a lot of guys coz she can see right through it.

Well like I said good news for both parties. Coz guys can realize that they still have a good chance with girls that know the game, heck they can prolly use that to their advantage. N girls … you can find comfort in knowing that even though you understand the game .. that you can still fall for a guy who learnt all his news skills from a book and his experience.

I mean that’s kind of cool right? It kind of opens so many new doors for you. For everyone. N I’m all for everyone winning =)

With that said I do want to add a couple of points.

The first is … girls that know the game, will test more. Here is one thing that I have personally noticed. If I know or have figured out that a guy knows his game well, that he is experienced, knows what he is doing then I will actually test him a lot more and a lot harder than a guy who I have figured to be less experienced.

When I test. I really test. N I don’t think that its really a conscious thing. It’s just more a natural reaction that I really can’t help at all. Its also like, when you know someone is good at their game then you need to step up yours too. Push them to the point to see if they will fold or break.

N when they stand their ground and can keep you under control. That’s when you start to get interested. That’s when you start to think … hang on there is something that is different about this guy and I LIKE IT! He’s not like all the other guys that would be stammering or completely lost for words.

So what my conclusion? Well its this. That knowing the game as a girl has its advantages and its disadvantages. N so talking to a girl who knows the game can have its own ones too.

The most important thing to remember is that if you stick to your ground and don’t let this bother you … you can sail on through all the shite tests =) In fact you can use this new found information to pay her out about it all night. Its just more material for you to use against her. Gotta love it right? N this article is proof that girls still fall for it every single time.

With that said, its now your turn. Girls have you been gamed before? How did it work out? Did you fall for it or see right through it? Do you think its an advantage or disadvantage knowing how it all works? Do you find guy s are intimidated knowing how much you know?

Guys. What have been your experiences with gaming. Have you been caught out at all? How do you deal with it? How do you handle girls that know the game? Do you prefer girls that know or don’t know about it.

Let me know your thoughts guy … I wanna hear what you have to say!

Hot Alpha Female

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