Girls. Ever wonder why there some chicks that you know, that just seem to be getting all the attention from the guys? They always have someone hitting on them. They always are the first to be picked up at clubs. N pretty much get any guy that they want.

What’s with that? Don’t you find it irritating? Is it because they are better looking? Is it because they have something that you don’t have?

Well yes and no. To the better looking part, well that has something to do with it, but not everything.

But what if I told you, they knew something that you didn’t know …

What if I told you, they did something that you don’t ….

N what is I said, if you figured out what they were doing that you could just get as much attention as your chicky friends could …

Wanna hear what I have to say?

Well here it is….

The reason why these girls get more attention that you do, is because appear to be far more approachable than you are. Don’t you hate it when life is THAT simple?!

Seriously think about it. If you think back to all your friends that get the attention and remember how they behave you will begin to see what I’m saying here. Most girls that are approached by men, give off a feminine, venerable energy and guys well they just love that.

Here is the thing. Guys don’t like to be rejected. In fact no one wants to be rejected. So what do you think would be more appealing. Option A which is a girl who has her arms crossed and a bitchy F*** off look on her face. OR option B which is a girl with open body language, is giving you flirty glances and has a smile on her face.

Come-on on now. That wasn’t a trick question. You do a lot better at attracting bees with honey than you do with lemon. If you catch my drift.

So many of you are thinking, sure HAF that’s great. All I have to be is approachable. But what does that mean and how can I communicate that?

Well rule number ONE: You have to be prepared to show vulnerability and be venerable. That is the hardest part of it all.

Rule Number TWO: Always remember rule number one.

With that said here are some tips which I think will help you a little more in that department. These are some basic flirting techniques, which sometimes we forget.

Smile!!! Smile at the bus driver. Smile at the cashier. Smile at the random stranger that walks past you. Smile with Guys. Smile with Girls. Smile with children. The whole thing about smiling is that is opens up your personality. It instantly makes you more attractive and makes you stand out of the crowd. Standing out of the crowd when trying to attract a guy is always a plus.

Eye Contact. Now im not saying stare a guy down until you burn a hole through his forehead. But im saying hold a guy’s gaze for at least 3 seconds. You know that can be harder than it sounds, when the guy is really cute. But if you find it hard to look at him for that long, keep it up as long as possible and smile while you look away.

Body Language. Let me just say this. Crossing your arms does not create attraction. Mainly it just makes you look like you had a bad day, don’t want to talk to anyone and have had PMS for the last month. Instead communicate open body language, let your arms fall to your side. Remember to sit up straight yet relax, rather than slouched.

With that said, I am now going to admit something. Ok so many I have been guilty of a little stand offish behavior in the past. Vulnerability usually has be to pried out of me with some really heavy machinery. So in the name of this blog and as part of a little .. lets call it a social experiment. I am going to do all the things that I have just suggested in this post. Im going to be as open and approachable as I know how and I’m going to see what kind of reaction that I get.

Let the social experiment begin!

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