Lance found me this very cool post called “” which talks about what makes us more attractive to the opposite sex? Well as you know I have a lot of say about this!

So hope you guys ready!! Lets dive into it! …

How many times do we hear people complain that they are single? That they are lonely? That they are just plain desperate? Is it because they are unattractive?

Well in my answer to that I would say Yes and No.

So here is the thing guys.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m going to tell you the truth once and for all…

What defines attraction? Is it purely based on looks? Despite what many people may think, its one of the things that can cause attraction, but not the only thing. I think the one characteristic that creates the most attraction is a magnetic personality. And well just how do we learn to nourish and magnetise our personality?

Well lets start with replacing all those questions with jsut this one.

Would I want to date date myself? And answer that for me honestly. If you are finding that you don’t like the answer .. then THAT is the reason why you are single and maybe not so attractive to the opposite sex.

I know … sounds like an odd question right? Sounds kind of simple right? But actually, it’s really quite profound.

Lets discuss this idea of how its best to attract a partner into your life. And its not what many of you are thinking.

Many of these I may have already covered in previous posts. But for the hell of it, ill cover it again, because its so important!!

If want to learn to become more attractive then you need to become that which you are seeking.

Let me just repeat that for you. “If want to learn to become more attractive then you need to become that which you are seeking”.

I know, I know, its sounds a little mumbo jumbo. A little too much “law of attraction”. But the truth of the matter is, this works and it works every singe freaken time.

What do I mean by this?

Well let me elaborate a little more…

The first thing that you need to do. Is to stop focusing on being single. Sounds contradictory right? But really just doing this one thing, will probably serve you the most. When I say this, I mean, stop looking so dam hard. Stop peeerving on every guy down on the street and stop appearing like your so easy. The thing is guys can smell desperation a mile away and its not a pretty smell. You are definitely more likely to meet someone when you least expect it. When you are not looking and when you have the trust that someone will walk into your life when you least expect it.

The law of attraction basically states that you must ask, believe and receive. Now usually everyone has no problem with the asking part. And everyone has the problem with the believing and receiving part. But here is the thing. If you want to attract a partner into your life, then you are going to have to start acting like you already have one. You have to have the trust in knowing that you will meet them and that they are out there. That stops the desperation and that puts the focus back on YOU!

That leads me to my second point. Which is … stop focusing on external factors and start focusing on yourself. In many ways it’s a great thing to embrace being single. It’s a very liberated and free time. Just think about it. You are will probably be spending most of your lifetime being married or what not than you will be single. So enjoy that limited time that you have. And most importantly make the most of it!

When I say focus on yourself, I mean a number of things by that. I mean rediscover all the things that you love doing. That really make you feel like yourself. Do things that bring out the best in you. Hang out with your friends and family. Do things that you couldn’t do when you are with a partner. Explore, experiment, take chances. Do things that feed your mind, body and spirit.

Love and embrace being single. Love your life. Love every moment, or everyday of every single hour. Because no-one can ever give you that time back. Once it is gone .. it is lost forever and all you have is the wonderful memories of the past. That’s it.

With that, I want to leave you guys with a final thought. That is if you want a kind, loyal, genuine guy than focus on becoming a more kind loyal and genuine person. Become the person that your ideal partner would want to date. This takes the pressure of being single and puts the focus back on you.

That is what makes you attractive. That is what captivates that guy.

And that is one of those most sexiest, sauciest ways to magnetise a guy into your life.

To happy, exciting, spontaneous and fulfilling relationships!

This was part of a group post – where a number of bloggers took on the challenge of writing what they thought would create attraction in the opposite sex. Check them out as they all have really great answers =)



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