I’ve been bad. Real bad. So bad that I’m feeling a little guilty about the whole thing.

Well before I let your imagination run a little too wild, let me tell you what I’m referring to.

I’ve been getting insider information. I’m been learning all the tricks of the trade that I shouldn’t really know. Ok so I got my hands on some one on one interviews that David Deangelo has which he does with other successful PUA’s or naturals as he calls them.

Look I can’t help it. My brother is the one that is buying all this stuff and I end up being the one that reads and listens to it all!

You wanna know what I found out?

Its really quite shocking.

Ok here it is …

Its nothing that I didn’t already know. Its something that I have heard hundreds and hundreds of times. Its something that I have been doing without even knowing it.

Well I’ll tell you. But you have to make sure that you are ready for it.

Basic social skills.

There I said it. Now let me explain.

A lot of guys and girls for that matter are always complaining about the fact that they can’t seem to attract the opposite sex.

Its becoming so bad that maybe there will be an epidemic that will break out soon. Who knows.

So here is the scenario. Guy or girl is frustrated that they are not getting the result they want with the opposite sex. Frustration leads to them either becoming depressed or searching for more meaning or a different way of doing things. Guys come across David Deangelo and buys his book “Double Your Dating” and girls come across Paige parker and buys “ Dating Without Drama”.

Then they think that all their problems are solved. Because they have got their hands on all the techniques they need to learn about how to better attract the opposite sex.

But that is exactly where they go wrong! You can’t get a ONE book to solve all of your problems and you can’t run before you can walk!

What do I mean by this? Well how bout before attempting to be cool with the opposite sex you learn some basic social skills. There are a lot of girls and guys out there that ARE shy and this is one of the reasons why its so hard for them to get a date or what not.

So how bout instead being a bit stud or an uber cool chick over night you look at improving your social skills on an everyday basis?

How bout you start with smiling at the cashier and striking up a conversation with them first and get them laughing. Then trying to get every Tom, Dick and Harry to come over to talk to you when you go out clubbing.

As always, I choose to lead by example so I talk the talk and walk the walk. So I implemented this new strategy even just today.

In his CD David D refers to breaking someone’s state and doing something out of the normal standards.

For example if someone asks “how you are going?” you reply with “ UNBELIEVABLE!” – And this breaks them out of their mundane and expected state.

Here are a couple of things that happened to me.

I was booking a show which is starring one of my friends and was talking to the booking agent. Firstly when I got on the phone I was bubbly and cheerful. I don’t know exactly what I said, but I didn’t ask her just how her day was going but something a bit more personal and out of the ordinary. Result? I spoke to her for the next 15 minutes, had lots of spontaneous laughs and by the end of it she had told me about some dirty before 30 party and we acted like we were new best friends or something.

Now I don’t go for chicks. Just in case you guys are wondering. But put aside the whole picking up the opposite sex and just look at relating to people in general. Don’t you find the more that you out yourself out there – the more you get in return?

Another example. A girl called my work. I was being miss PA. My boss was out and so I asked her if I could take a msg. Two seconds after that, put on a more casual tone and said .. “ well you know .. coz that’s what I’m here for, I’m the live and personal answering machine”. Result? Got her laughing. Started talking about something completely unrelated. And was part in making my day great.

Another example. Postman used to drop off the mail and slide it under the door at work. Did this for quite a while before I started working at the firm. When I did start working there I decided to greet him at the door and take the mail off him personally. I would usually ask how his day was going and whatever can to my mind at the time. I remember I gave him lots of friendly smiles. Result? Even when I’m on the phone and can’t get to the door he makes sure to come into the office and give me the mail personally. No more sliding mail under the door.

Now I know none of these are life changing experiences or anything. But these are some basic social skills that can help build your own confidence and make your day that much greater.

So for those of you that are disheartened that this whole learning how to attract the opposite sex is some huge and daunting task, why don’t you just spend your energy on making someone else’s day that much more enjoyable =) Maybe spend more time in trying to get a smile or a laugh out of someone. N each and everyday that you do that then pat yourself on the back and then try and do more.

Nothing breeds success like success.

Hot Alpha Female

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