So I don’t know if everyone has heard of the No Contact Rule (NRC), but it is something that can be extremely useful in the dating and breakup arena! Obviously as the name states, it means no initiating or receiving any contact from that “other” person for a temporary or permanent amount of time.

On Baggage Reclaim, a great blog dedicated to relationship and dating advice we are talking about this rule and how it applies. See the original post here and then read what my response was =)

Hi Ashley,
Whoa just want to say that it looks like your doing really well! I think having goals and doing all that stuff is great because it gets you to focus more on yourself.

Sometimes in relationships we lose focus of who we are, and the NCR allows us to rediscover it.

I would say one addition to that post. Sometimes when we become too available to one guy they start losing interest. This is nothing to do with us, but more on how guys actually function.

So sometimes applying the NCR temporarily can get your man to snap out of it and start appreciating it with you again.

For example : Say you’ve been dating this guy for like 2 months or something. Then the past week he has stopped calling as much and talking to you. Usually this bad behaviour is interpreted by us AS “oh crap we are losing him” so we do out best to regain his attention more. We start texting and calling him and wanting to see him.

But this bad behaviour can be good news for you. Usually after you start dating someone for a little bit and the relationship is ready to become a bit more serious. The guy pulls back a bit to take a bit of a breather before he jumps into more hot water.

So during this time, applying the NCR loosely works extremely well. This meaning to say that you allow him to contact YOU. You apply the NCR to yourself. So you don’t personally contact him, but wait till he wants to talk to you. Usually after a week or two, if he is truly interested in you he will come around again and start where you left off.

Its not playing games, its more just understanding the needs of men and essentially giving them what they want, without them realizing it.

So I guess the NCR can apply to break-ups and dating in general!

Hot Alpha Female

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