This is a highly debated topic. I’ve heard the pros. I’ve heard the cons. But now I want some real answers!

So here is the question guys.

Is there middle ground between a nice guy and a player?

Can you only be one or the other? N if such a person does exist, what would he be like and how does he act?

What do I think? Well my belief is that he does exist, but he is rare. And I believe him to be a guy that is predominantly a nice but has learnt how to create attraction.

I believe him to honestly respect women but he is able to attract a myriad of girls by which he can pick the best one for him.

At the same time, at the back of my mind I cant help that think, if you really has these skills to pick up chicks, then wouldn’t you just abuse it? Aka turn into a player who is like “that” with everyone and who won’t settle with anyone.

The one thing that I don’t like about players, is when you are with them, you feel great because they know how to spark that attraction. But then when you are out and about with them, you see that they are just the same with every other girl. What you thought was attention just for you, you found out its attention for everyone else aswell.

That is the reason why I steer well clear of them, because I never really know if they are being real with me .. and I really just don’t see the point.

Then there is the nice guy. He is a great guy, he does the nicest things, he compliments you, he looks up to you, he values your opinion, he is an awesome listener, your parents love him, he is thoughtful and takes care of you.

So what could possibly be wrong with him then?

Perfect right?

Well there is just one small problem ……

Your as attracted to him as you are a brick wall. There’s no spark. There’s no chemistry. There’s no butterflies. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Bummer right?!


The Ultimate nice guy problem: They have no freaken clue on HOW TO CREATE ATTRACTION!

They don’t even know that there is a game out there. So how could they possibly find out what the rules are and know how to play it?

Then there are the nice guys that are in denial about the game. They know that there is a game but they don’t want to play it. Because they think that they are forgoing a part of their personality. They want someone to “like me for me”

*cheesy romantic background music*

But are they really being themselves?The truth is nice guys and players want the same thing. Everyone has an intention behind their actions. N their intention on both accounts is to get the girl.Nice guys are taught that by being nice they will get the girl. But what is nice? Does that mean that you buy her lots of gifts? Does it mean that you take her out to expensive dinners?

Sorry to say, but as a nice guy aren’t some of you being manipulative if you think that giving a girl flowers will make her like you more?Aren’t you being deceiving when you try and buy someone’s affection?I reckon it bloody is!

Both guys want the same thing. They just have different ways of getting it. One way works and the other one doesn’t.

Its really not rocket science.

With that said … What does every girl want?A great guy who has most of the qualities of a nice guy, but is able to maintain a level of control over himself and create instant attraction. That’s not too hard to ask for right?

Well those are my thoughts but what do you guys reckon? Is it possible to find a balance between a player and a nice guy? Girls would you agree that what you are looking for is a mixture of both?

Let me know your thoughts – Because I’m listening

Hot Alpha Female

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