So I was talking to my best friend last night and we were talking about whether it is possible to be good friends with your ex. Now my stance on this is a simple “Heck NO!”.

There are so many things that I see wrong with this.

The main problem I have with this, is that I really don’t believe you can truly move on, if you are still friends with your ex. I think that this is especially hard after a recent breakup and it really just delays the healing process. Not to mention that say you are good friends with your ex and then you so happen to get a new partner.

How does that work? Are you only friends with you ex, because you haven’t found someone yet? Do you still have feelings for your ex which you don’t want to admit? 

I just think that it would be especially hard when you do find someone new, to be able to sustain a relationship with your ex as a good friend and have a great new relationship as well. For me personally it would just be a constant reminder of the past, which really needs to be let go.

One the other hand, my best friend was arguing that being friends with your ex is something that is highly possible and maybe even sensible. While I do see a level of maturity with still being able to communicate with your ex, I still don’t see the bloody point.

While my friend argued that he no longer had feelings for her, I still reminded him, that he had not yet been involved into another serious relationship since he broke up with her, more than a year and a half ago. If there aren’t any obvious flashing lights going on there, then I don’t know how much more obvious they need to be.

So those are my thoughts, what do you guy reckon. Is it possible to be friends with your ex?

Let me know – Because I’m listening

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