Hi everyone,

So have been doing a lot of commenting and blogging recently and came across this blog called Angel Eyes Devil Smile. Its an awesome resource for guys in learning how to interact with women more and there are some great tips and pieces of advice on there. So was talking to the guy that runs it and we came to an agreement for me to ask certain questions that I’m sure a lot of chicks are dying to know and he is going to be answering them!

So lets see what he has to say!

Angel Eyes Devil Smile Response: Not what you were expecting on this blog I know.

But I promised the Hot Alpha Female that I’d answer a few questions for her.

And… I figured we might be able to get a few other comments from other men as well to help alleviate some of the differences between men and women.

Here was her first question?

How important are a girls looks to a guy?

My answer…

It depends on what you mean by looks.

Guys, in general are a lot like women when it comes to this category. We care more about the things that you CAN control.

Case in point, in this post… I talk about a little “survey” that I put out to a bunch of different guys.

The survey: “If you had to choose, would you rather be with a woman that has a hot face but an okay body… or a woman that has an okay face but a SMOKIN’ body”.

The results: Almost every single guy chose the woman with the ROCKIN’ body… accept for the lower income, lower education guys.

Notice… these results ARE CONSISTENT with what great women are looking for in a MAN.
Coincidence… I doubt it.

Your physical genetic “gifts” (like how your face looks) is not NEARLY as important as the things you CAN control… clothes, body fat percentage (in most cases), hair, etc.

Of course, all men are different… but in general… men tend to choose “body” over “face” when given a distinct choice… especially men of HIGH WORTH.

Naturally, there is more to being SEXY than just this… but that wasn’t the question.
So yes… it matters… just not how most people think.

(For you men, I’ll go over this more when I start talking about “The Adonis Effect” early next week)

Comments? I seem to have just as many female readers as male readers… that’s crazy.

So there you have it girls and boys. For the girls, I hope that this answers you question about how important our looks to a guy are and for the boys, do you agree what he has to say? Have anything to add? Comment away!

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