Girls, I think you have been waiting for this one! As some of you might know I just completed an interview over at Im2ortal’s Blog where I answered a number of questions that from a female perspective that I’m sure lots of guys would want to know.

So as part of that interview, Im2ortal also agreed to answers some questions that i know there are a lot of girls are dying to know! I’m very excited about it, because its very rare when he get to have a look at what goes on in a guy’s head!

N believe me this guy totally know where he is coming from. So in this two part serious we are going to uncover things such as what guys like in a girl, whether its really true if guys are scared of commitment and what we can do about it!!

Everyone ready? ….

Lets get started!

Tell us a little about Im2ortal as a person. What makes him do what he does. What’s the story behind the guy?

Hmmmm,this is probably going to be the toughest questions of all, because I have a hard time when I have to describe myself. Anyway, let me try, but feel warned that I may go heavy on this…

I am outgoing and straight-shooter type. Enthusiastic and excitable I live in a world of action. Straight forward, risk-taker who is willing to get his hands dirty. I see rules and laws as guidelines for my behavior, rather than mandatory and I would doggedly stick to my principles. I like to lead, rather than being led, but I would also do anything for my friends, as long as it is reasonable. Also I am extremely honest, to the point I may hurt somebody by speaking my mind … but after all, it’s for the “greater good”.

Enough for Im2ortal as a person, because it is starting to look like an online dating profile already! Here is how I got to the point I am writing in my blog, giving dating tips for men…

Honestly, when I was growing up I never felt any urge to run after girls or something. I just was not interested yet. As you may suggest already, that attitude attracted lots of girls around me. It created a vacuum that sucked attention from all kinds of sources, while I was focused on my own life. Literally, I had girls willing to meet me and I was rejecting them. So my belief system got a nice boost from it.

Of course after a couple of years I finally got interested in women and dating. Right, now I can say that I love women and I absolutely mean it. Anyway I met a girl that I really liked just before New Year’s Eve. And then I messed up!

It took me a month to call her out. I was building comfort, rather than attraction; I was talking her into liking me, instead of the other way around and such. So after a month we kissed finally and it was mostly initiated by her. Next thing you know, we are chasing each other, having fun; I am being sweet and wonderful and stuff … and she dumped me on New Years Eve. You know … the whole “I-like-you-but-lets-just-be-friends” talk. And after two days, I see her kissing with a friend of mine, in front of me and that brought me down.

I remember how I was not able to see what was going on. All I thought is how much of a nice guy I was. I blamed it on her … as I got depressed and my ego got sub-zero.

I will not give you all the details, but that was a turning point in my life. After this moment, I decided to step up and take “fate” in my own hands.

There was a book on my hard drive that I bought before I met her, but never got the time to read it all. The book was called Double Your Dating, by David DeAngelo. So I took the book, and I read it in a single breath. What was in this book, seemed so unreal for me, that I did not believe at first, but I tried it anyway. Then I decided to change myself and my behavior. I understood what I did wrong.

After this I was empowered. I’ve jumped into more of his material. After that I found that there is a whole community of men, trying to help each other in that area and that was the PUA Community.

Now it’s been more than a year since my change and right now, I feel more than great. Because trying to improve this area of your life actually boosts all other areas of your life, it changes your lifestyle. Currently I enjoy the success I want and most importantly I believe that now I understand the basics of attraction, connecting with women and such.

Tell us what you hope to achieve through your dating blog …

There are two main reasons for the existence of this blog and why I am passionate about it!

First one is that I believe that you should pass your experience and knowledge to others. When you learn something and when you teach it to others after that, you are being able to get an even deeper understanding of that. It is a way of consciously evolving and that is my personal reason for writing my blog.

You probably can guess the second reason. I just want to help, to contribute to other men around the world. Because there is no need for every man to be frustrated as I was. And if there is a 5% of my blog that would eventually help someone I will be glad and I believe in my blog on 100 percent!

What characteristics do men find most appealing in a girl?

There is a saying, that a man won’t sleep with a woman, unless HE FINDS her physically attractive. I use “he finds” because every man has his own standards on that. Take me for example – I love very dark eyes that are almost black, because I like the way they shine, at night, because of the moon or street lights, when you make her smile. But hey, that is just me. Every train has its passengers! If you hear a man, who says he does not care at ALL about the looks of a girl, then be sure that he lies, or is just seeking approval by being sweet and wonderful.

Next in the list of characteristics that I believe is how much a woman is feminine. I would not like a girl that tries to take the opposite role, pretending to be what she is not. I believe that REAL MEN are attracted only to REAL WOMEN! In other words, masculine traits can not attract me.

Being romantic and nurturing. I believe that I am a romantic after all. If you ask me, there should be a really good emotional connection between a man and a woman. I would not go after a girl if I don’t believe there is a chance for a strong and cool connection between me and her…

Fun and outgoing. Every guy likes it when his girl laugh at his jokes, or when she is fun herself. There is not much to be explained here, it’s obvious.

What makes you want to pursue a girl or makes you want to approach her?

Let’s start with the approach. To be honest, I’ve never thought about that …

It is mostly coming from an internal desire, like a spark. You actually see a woman and if you can’t turn your head away. Our paradox is that we feel that desire and the approach anxiety at the same time, so we have to deal with it. Most guys would just walk away at that point, the harder thing to do is to actually beat your approach anxiety and approach the girl.

When you are in an approach situation, you have never met that girl before, so you can’t really know what she is like in person. All you see is how she looks and how she holds herself. Beauty is common, but what really stands out is a girl, that takes care of herself. Go to the gym 2-3 times a week, visit the beauty saloons and etc. you know those stuff better that me, anyway! It will make you feel better and you will have a cooler vibe!

As you know, you can gauge a man’s masculinity by his body language. It is the same for women on femininity. It’s expressed by her posture, by her gestures, her social skills and etc!

Now, pursuit is a whole different matter. I would be willing to pursue a girl if she acts unexpected, or plays a little bit too hard to get or if she is not available all the time. Add a bit of mystery to it and … I’m lost.

The result is going to be this interesting chase, a game of push-pull, played on both fields. This, I believe can be achieved by following your advice, about learning the rules of the dating “game” ……….

Are you girls loving this or what? Well in the next post we are going to finish off the interview and cover things such as … what freaks guys out!! Is they are really scared of commitment and why sometimes they tend to act rather strange … It should be great!

Be speaking to you guys soon

Hot Alpha Female

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