So it’s the 21st century, times are changing more rapidly then ever before. The phone you got last week is now outdated, today’s news is already old, attitudes and life values are changing as quick as Paris Hilton’s boyfriends. But one thing that I don’t think will be changing any time soon is who should confess their love first!

Hey I’m all about being the modern alpha female. The chick who’s middle name is “challenge me”, who wants to juggle her ambition, family, love life and “being a nice person” all into a 24 hour day. Bring it on!

But when I hear these comments about girls confessing their love to boys first I almost have to cringe. Because when it comes to the dating arena the rules of the game change and some chicks just don’t get it.

So here it is 5 reason why you should never confess your feelings to a guy first!

1) Don’t do it, unless you want to be a man. Hey we are taking over men’s jobs like there is no tomorrow. There may even be the first women America president soon. We can be the breadwinners in these new household. But hey guess what, we are not men. We are not wired like them, nor do we look like them … so what with the attempting to be like one?! The man loves to chase. Hes the one that wants to bring home prey. You already took his job, now don’t take his dignity

2) Maybe he’s just not that into you. Why are us chicks so into commitment anyways? Its like after the first date we are already planning which retirement home you are going to be placing your mother and father in laws and what days they are going to take care of the 6 grand children they have. Like hello?! Anybody home?! That is bound to make any guy run out the door let alone allow him to stay around and tell you how he feels about you. Look the reason why we have to wait for a guy to tell us how he feels, is so we know that this is how he truly feels. Hearing the words “I love you” just doesn’t have as much meaning, when you have been arguing for the past 5 hours attempting him to confess it”. Give the poor man some space and then let him come to you to see if he really does feel the same way that you do.

3) Guys spook really easily. You know they have dated a few psycho chicks in the past that were absolute control freaks and wanted to know every single detail of what was going on in their lives. So this radar is always up and running. As soon as you give the slightest hint that you may be one of these chicks, well have pretty much stuffed your chances of not being included in that category.

4)Let him make the first move. Isn’t it so much nicer when a guy asks you out on a date? When a guys kisses you first? When the guy finally decides to propose to you out of his own will? I mean we are chicks, we love to be adored, we loved to be cherished. Yet most chicks today are so scared of being venerable and waiting for a guy to make his move…that they pounce on him, hold him to the ground and try and get him to do whatever it is that we want him to do. News flash love doesn’t work like that. And love isnt hard. Its actually quite a fun process, once you learn to relax and take things at the pace that they are meant to be.

5) He might be emotionally unavailable. Hey I know love is all about taking a punt, about putting yourself out there. But you know … you kind of need two to tango. A guy that you have the hots for, could have heaps of baggage, emotionally retarded or god forbid actually be attached to someone else. So at these points in time its not really necessarily to expose yourself to these risks when your chances are uber low.

Ok say you do confess. You told him how you feel. You guys were great friends before, you massively flirted like crazy. Now he finds out that you have the hots for him and he doesn’t feel the same way and now its just really awkward. So the bonus reason is you should confess because it could totally wreck a beautiful friendship. In some ways if you like a person and they don’t like you back, it can show that there is a sense of loss. Because that person thought you were their friend and now they are thinking of all the times you spent together and whether there was any hidden agenda behind that at all.

So girls there it is 5 plus reasons why its uber important to not confess your love first. The one main thing that I want you guys to remember is that the dating game is about being open and approachable, not aggressive and fierce. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are women, its our right to be respected, courted and adored by men. So let them do their job =)

Hot Alpha Female

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