In the dating arena we are once or two going to come across the unavailable man. The man that we are deeply attracted to, but know we can never fully have. Once we realize that we deserve better than a man who cant give out his heart, then its time to break up with him and move on. Here is my response to the original post, so check it out before reading on =)

Hi Guys,

Well I don’t know how much I can contribute to this particular post, because I have never been in this situation before. But I have been through some breakups so I can kind of relate.

While I know that breakups really suck, I think that they are a really great time to rediscover who you are.

They hurt and there are a lot of emotions up in the air, but in this situation where you are the other woman or man .. Well looking from the outside in … it looks like this could have possibly been the best thing for you.

While being in that type of relationship may be exciting, I don’t know if you can truly be happy knowing that you don’t have your man or woman’s full undivided attention and knowing that you are the one and only person they love like that.

If I was in that situation, the more I spent with that person and the more I would start to develop feelings for them, the more it would kill my spirit knowing that I could never have what I truly wanted and needed from them.

I guess sometimes life just throws these things in our direction and we are on most occasions left standing in the rain trying to figure out what to do.

But if it comes to a breakup from one of these situations, well after all the sadness and grief I would be celebrating at the fact that I would finally get to attract a relationship into my life that I truly deserved

All the best guys and girls

Hot Alpha Female

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