The all time most asked question like ever. We have all watched or at least heard about movies such as “Harry Met Sally”, “My Best friends Wedding” and so on.

I mean these are all situations where a guy and a girl are best friends with each other and can have a completely honest and working relationship. I chose those two movies because they both had different outcomes. I guess in “Harry Met Sally”, they ended up hooking up and with My Best Friend’s Wedding” the guy ended up marrying someone else.

But today after about of year of frustration, of attempting to figure out how this whole dating thing work, I figured out something that so many people have been drumming into me since I was like little. This especially applies to you if are young like me of course! My epiphany tonight was, why tie yourself down to one guy, when you can have a whole bunch of guy friends who all have different personalities, different things to offer and can appreciate different things about you?

You can release all that pressure of attempting to have that one person to fulfill all your needs and have like 10 people to do the job! Like obviously you will have to settle down eventually but hey we will get to that problem when it arises.

Until then, why not just go out with any guy that takes your fancy, that is enjoyable to be around and that makes you laugh. Go out in groups, go out dancing together, do whatever is it that is fun.  I mean the one thing that I finally realized after all this time, is that, this is a great situation to be in. No Attachments, no obligations, no commitment. Its a wonderful wonderful world … I guess the more love you have to give, then you are only going to receive more!

So I’m kinda in one of those moods that goes along the lines of “live it up, enjoy what you have and most importantly have lots of fun!”

Hot Alpha Female

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