I was having an very interesting conversation with my friend the other day and I thought I would bring it up here.

If you were an Alpha Male would you date an Alpha female?

If being Alpha is all about domination and who is in control, I have heard from many people that they don’t think this kind of match would work. After all, all the Alpha Males that I know are quite happy with their Beta Females. You know chicks who actually listen to them and do exactly what they are told.

I dunno I just find it strange.

If u were such an Alpha Male, wouldn’t you have the balls to date someone who gives you a run for your money? Who challenges your opinion? Who is someone that is more your equal?

I’m not saying that Alpha Females are like men, nor am I saying that they should be. All I’m talking about is a little bit of equality here. Yet when I talk to some guys about this, not many of them have the guts to date a chick like that. Maybe they weren’t Alpha Males. Who knows.

Even though i don’t think this could work out. I really wish that is something that could happen.

Can you imagine an Alpha Male and an Alpha Female together.

I reckon that would make one interesting and very exciting relationship. I’m smiling just thinking about it. The truth of the matter is though .. so i have heard, is that Alpha Males don’t want this. They can have a whole range of chicks that they can pick from and why would they want a chick who challenges them so much?

I think that is an Alpha Male could fight for the control, he could easily win over an Alpha Female. Maybe some shy away from the challenge. Maybe some are just not up for it.

All i know is that are Alpha Females out there and Females in general … who want guys to step up take the control and basically be MEN.

Hot Alpha Female

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