Just watched Wipe swap the American version and found it quite interesting. There were two completely different family dynamics.

The Surrendered Wife
She had the time and love to spend with her family. She did all the cooking, cleaning and made sure to look after her husband. He did not have to lift a finger. She was the traditional house wife and he has the bread winner and provider. From what i could tell, she really respected her husband and loved him very much. After just one day with being with the other family and looking after her “swapped” husband, she felt incomplete and very vulnerable.

The Alpha Wife
She technically was not married to her husband. She was just living with him, they were like a married couple, had kids and what not … but no marital commitment had been set. She worked as a police officer and had 18 hour shifts so the husband was the one that had to do everything. Also the husbands mother was living at home to take on the extra hour work. The Alpha wife did not clean, or do any domestic work whatsoever and had this very in dependant attitude.

In the end after watching it the Alpha women was able to liberate to surrendered wives kids more. She was all about communication and expression of the individuals and she helped to repair a fragile relationship with the father and the son. She also proved to her swap husband that women are very capable beings and should be treated with more equality. She proved his by kicking his butt in a self development class … where by the time she had finished with him, he as much more humble. He also found that he enjoyed cooking and promised to help around the house more instead of letting his wife do all the work

The Surrendered wife was able to teach the importance of spending quality time with the family. She had the time and the love which she expressed through her cooking, looking after everyone and taking care of all the household duties. Her swapped husband also appreciated her more because she was willing to take care of him and treat him like a man.

After watching this, I’m just really confused. hahaha. Because while i love the idea of liberation of the Alpha Female at the same time i understand the importance of spending time with your family and pampering your guy as well. I mean in the end both women were happy with the way their family lives were operating and each husband was respectively aswell. So maybe its more of a case of each to their own .. and just finding the right person who accepts you as you are?

At the moment I’m just one confused alpha female … what do you guys reckon? LoL

Hot Alpha Female =)

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