Here is my lengthy response to Laura’s article

My Response: Hi Laura,
Sorry for the late reply. I am absolutely honored that I’m having this discussion with you – bring it on!! =) N thank you for all the wonderful input and insight that you have provided so far, I really appreciate it. We girls have to stick together. Maybe we should start a cult? LoL *winks*

[Laura's Comment: Generally, an Alpha woman would like to run and manage her life her way and she would dislike people telling her what to do. Before marriage, the women are the queen. The men in order to woo them will have to submit to their whims and fancies unless it is the woman that is crazy about that man.]

While I agree that alpha women have full control over their lives, I think they try to bring this same level of control into a relationship and it just doesn’t work. Guys like to be the ones that have the control and usually with Alpha Females it’s hard to gain that. It’s not impossible to gain control of the situation with an Alpha Female and I don’t think that it necessarily has to be an Alpha Male to do that. I think that there are also some very simple laws of attraction by which a somewhat more ordinary guy who maybe more well off but not necessarily earning more money than an Alpha Female can use and apply to gain and keep her attention

What many females fail to realize is that there are certain male personalities which we are drawn to which I referred to in my other articles .. Such as “the type of guy that an alpha female is attracted to” which not only applies to alpha females… but to girls in general.

I think the only reason why Alpha Females have a bit more of a limited market to choice from is that that they test guys harder and more often than the normal female. In a sense, even though they are more independent and have their own lives and what not, they are more high maintenance. Meaning to say that the guy that the Alpha female is with will have to work to continually keep her on her toes and maintain control of the situation. If he doesn’t do this then she will get bored and move on.

I mean though, this doesn’t just happen with Alpha Females. How many times have you heard your girlfriends say, that they just didn’t feel it for a guy, or there was no chemistry or they had nothing in common? The truth was that the guy that they so happened to be dating, just didn’t understand the laws of attraction and didn’t pass any of the tests that were put in front of them.

I think that sometimes Alpha Females make it hard for themselves. They think that dating and finding a man is SO HARD because there just aren’t men out there who are “good enough” for them

What im starting to realize, is that we need to be able to believe that there are a whole bunch of wonderful and caring guys who would make great partners with us. Im not saying to lower our standards but really just to be more open to guys that we would normally judge too quickly and write off instantly.

I mean is the problem that Alpha Females are dating lots of guys but not finding the right ones that are “good” enough for them? Or is it, that we are so picky that we aren’t even going on the dates in the first place? Is out pickiness stopping us from really seeing the wonderful available and successful men that are just waiting for an Alpha Female to come their way?

Despite this argument that Alpha Males want a Beta Female. I know a lot of guys who would like a chick who is their equal. Who can challenge their ideas, who can stand up for themselves and doesn’t just do what she is told. These men know and have dated beta females and they want something more. I know that they are out there!!

N one more thing. I think the more we believe that there aren’t guys out there for us .. That the more true it will be to us. I think we have to come up with some new beliefs about dating, about our own rules and about the availability of compatible and worthy men!

[Laura's Comment: It is not the lack of guys but the dearth of the quality in them and many women are still single because they want the very best from men.]

I think Alpha Females have to stop looking at the superficial sides of her partner, income looks and etc. And see that every human being is special and will have something unique and wonderful to that relationship and that her job is to do her best in finding a mate that is not perfect … but the best match for her

Just like when my boss curiously asked me if I “go for the rich ones” my response was … not at all, it’s the potential that is more important. N regardless to what anyone may say that is the god honest truth. Because at the end of the day .. When we are all dead and buried … people don’t remember you for how much money you had or how many cars, houses countries you’re owned. But they remember what kind of person that you were, how you contributed to the world and the impact you had on the people around you.

Can you imagine having a partner that had such a profound impact on the people around him? Who was a wonderful and unique person? Isn’t that more important… and wouldn’t that relationship be more meaningful than having someone who simply earned more money that you???

Ha-ha who knows, maybe I’m feeling a little romantic at the moment. But these are my thoughts. N everyone and to Laura, if I don’t speak to you before then, have a very Merry Xmas and an AWESOME new year. 2008 is going to be a BIG one, I just know it

Hot Alpha Female =)

N remember “If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy

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