So like here I was sitting at my table and doing my daily chant. But for some reason after my transformation I felt I wasn’t as happy as I should have been. I wondered if I had reverted back to my old self and I was really annoyed about that!

So went out with a friend today … who I could make a whole another post about and he kind of figured that something was wrong. Of course being female I told him nothing. LoL Now if any guys are reading this blog right now … when a chick says nothing is wrong .. There is something severely WRONG. I don’t know why it is wired in out brain that we have to say “nothing is wrong” when something is majorly wrong. But I guess that’s just how the world works.

So eventually he got me talking and he’s like Jen why are u bummed? I basically said to him I was bummed because I didn’t feel exactly how I felt when I came out of that seminar. In my mind, the standard was that I had to feel that amazing all the time for the rest of my life!!

It sounds really stupid when I say it like that! But it made me think again. Some of us hold way too many high expectations of ourselves. I think that this is particularly true when it comes to the Alpha Female.

Because the Alpha Female is the achiever right?! It’s almost like there is something to prove (to who I don’t know) that anything and everything is possible. I think that many of us focus too much on trying to be perfect than focusing on being happy.

N so I thought to myself well what would make me happy?! My friend told me that I really just needed to appreciate myself for all the accomplishments I have achieved so far. To thank myself for having such a transformation already. I thought whoa isn’t that so true?!

When we achieve something great in our lives, or even have the slightest bit of improvement, don’t we deserve to thank ourselves? To enjoy that moment of success and kind of just take a moment out and pat ourselves on the back. I think that we forget to do that. And I think that Alpha Females especially forget to do this. Because they are so wrapped up in their highly busy, highly chaotic lives that they need to take some time out to reflect and be inwardly happy.

So those are my jumbled thought for today. But my next post will include some tips on what guys should look out for in an Alpha Female and how they can overcome some of the hurdles/tests that we chuck in front of them. Come-on I feel sorry for some of them, they are having such a hard time trying to figure us out!

Hot Alpha Female =)

N remember “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory” – Albert Schweizter

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